Our hypnotic, gentle concerts help you deepen your meditation practice. 

Our next experience takes place in your own living room. Join us for 'H(om)e: A Sound Meditation Journey'. The official gathering is on May 16th, at 11am PDT, but you can replay it all weekend.

When's our next date?
Find out— we always e-mail out first.

Listen to "The Sound Healing Symphony"

The Sound Healing Symphony is a powerful gathering of the best sound healing musicians, conducted by Guy Douglas.

This experience brings you to your deepest meditative state, and bring us all closer as a community. This is often a peaceful gathering of over a thousand individuals at once.


We come together in harmony to elucidate your deepest state of clarity, soothe away your worries, and bring you closer to your heart.

What is 'sound meditation'?

Sound Meditation, sometimes known as 'sound healing' is the practice of meditating with the aid of sound. We use ancient Tibetan instruments to ease you into a deep, trancelike state of meditation.

It is the most accessible form of meditation, and for most people— the deepest they have experienced. Sound Meditation helps you gain clarity, open your heart and release anxiety.

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"Sound Meditation Presents", also known as Sound Meditation San Francisco, started out in 2016. Since there, we've sold out shows all over the country. We're the creators of "The Sound Healing Symphony" (at Grace Cathedral and elsewhere), and of "Love Transcends", a sound meditation livestream that's available worldwide.

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